Leraje's life in Minecraft


Posted on: October 11, 2010

I want to mention Minecraft because it’s such an awesome sandbox game. If you’re a creative person, you might like building amazing things in Minecraft.

(This fanmade trailer is not made by me).

Most people will hesitate when they see the graphics, but really… For one moment, stop thinking about stunning modern graphics, and just think gameplay.

You spawn in a completely randomly generated world, and you need to make a shelter quickly, because night will fall. And during night, monsters are out to get you.

Zombies, skeletons and other things, and while it’s daytime… they lurk in the shadows of caves and dungeons, or anywhere it’s dark enough.

Find a good location to make your first shelter, find resources like wood and coal, craft stuff… and wait out the night.

Myself, I’ve only played the game on multiplayer with my fiance. Monsters currently don’t spawn in multiplayer at all, but I’m still so paranoid. It feels like something will sneak up on me and kill me! I’m also afraid of the darkness in real life, so it doesn’t help me any.

The game is in alpha right now, and on half price because of it. If you buy it, you’ll also get all the future updates, if I recall correctly.

Besides… No one would want to miss out on the big Halloween update!

So if you’re a creative soul, and also like to hack and slash monsters to bits… You might just love the game.


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