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RIP Old World

Posted on: November 7, 2010

Alright, people from the server I play on.

Hell happened on our server during the night, and everything was lost. A new map was generated and we’re now rebuilding a little town.

One of our admins, Logan, had apparently decided he needed to be banned from the server because he couldn’t control his Minecraft addiction, so to get banned he nuked the map with tnt.

This probably wouldn’t have been TOO bad had the server not auto-saved during the huge detonation.

Now when that map was getting loaded up, there would be 2 big chunks of TNT detonating and lagging the server to a halt and crashing it. The map is unrecoverable, and we’re sorry for all the things you all lost because of that admin.

I also lost my water-ride, but it’s no big deal.

The server has moved to a new IP and things are smooth on the new map.

Considering the posts that Logan made in our minecraftforums server thread, he sure as hell doesn’t know what he has done.

Also, I’m so proud of my title as a PMSing succubus, that Logan kindly gave me in the server thread. It’s so cool! I better be having a whip, too!

It’s time to build new amazing things, people! I need screenshots!


Edit: Bishop has posted the new ip in the server’s thread on the minecraft forums.


10 Responses to "RIP Old World"

Well Lera, Logan turned into a douche pretty early on after the reset, its no surprise he ended up nuking the entire map.
Any chance you could tell me the Server IP on the Minecraft forums?

I’ll PM you the IP.

i got banned last night, no warning no reason nothing, just bam, i get kicked then i get a message that im banned,

I wondered why I couldn’t get on 😦

Thanks for the explanation leraje. I’m appalled by logan’s immaturity. I mean I didn’t really like the way he acted like he owned the entire town and could change it however he wanted after the reset but this is just ridiculous. My heart goes out to anyone who lost anything that they were proud of in that server. Could you pm me the new IP please?

oh no!

well, part of what I like about small scale building is how it is easy to start from scratch.

could you email me the new ip as well?

Oh, and re: the title as a PMSing succubus – We should be so lucky. >:3

If you care to email me the IP as well, i’d appreciate it

Wow. And I thought lschell was pretty cool up until now. That royally sucks but at least we get another clean slate.

Oy, my thoughts go out to you guys. The misses, a friend, and myself started a server that crashed a day later to do a RAM issue and there we no backup save. We found out the hard way when the mountain we flattened for our buddy was replaced with a snow map…and our last one was foresty.

Hopefully your rebuilding goes smoothly and without any other annoying griefing.


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