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A few bugfixes

Posted on: November 11, 2010

General fixes:
* players and mobs in lava or fire no longer spam sound effects
* getting hit with a higher damage while recovering from a smaller one now works as intended
* lava flows further in the Nether
* zombie pigs eventually forgives
* added support for custom skin packs
* fixed duplicate buttons when resizing screens
* zombie pigs and ghasts no longer get hurt by fire or lava
* fixed volume sliders now saving properly

Multiplayer fixes:
* hellworld=true no longer overwrites old save chunks. Player positions will still break if you switch it on a running server, though
* boats are now visible to other players  Yep!
* minecarts move nicer  They work! Just don’t spam them, can never be sure just HOW well they work! Oh, and you can’t remove them by punching them.
* fishing kinda sorta works, but needs more work  Haven’t tried
* sheep and cows look like sheep and cows now  Woo!
* buckets work now  They do!
* fixed stairs being really difficult to destroy  Haven’t tried
* increased the timeout before “Took too long to log in”
* made it possible to ride carts and boats  Didn’t know it wasn’t possible, at least with boats.
* added (after lots of work) the ability to steer server-side boats
* added “no-animals” setting. if true, animals will immediately vanish
* added support for more animation settings. Currently it’s just the “riding” animation, but the same system will be used for sneaking

Source: Notch’s blog


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